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Technical Requirements

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Java Application to automate file download from this site
Password Standard

Security Identification
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Join ASX Online - Market Information

To join ASX Online, contact the ASX Help Desk on 1800 028 302 or contact our Sales Team. Once an agreement is signed, a usernames and password will be provided to you.

Technical Requirements

You will need reliable Internet access with at least 56k bandwidth and Internet Explorer version 4.0 or Netscape version 4 or above.

Download Java Client Application V8.8 to your machine for automatic download.

To download the Java Application click the link for the desired platform:
Windows Platform
Unix Platform

The on-line Install Guide contains installation instructions and configuration details for the Java Client. It also contains troubleshooting information.
Note that this version of the Java Client will enable you to download all current files and historic files for your subscribed products.

Password Standard

Passwords must conform with the following rules

  • Passwords must contain characters from at least three (3) of the following four (4) classes:
    English upper case letters, i.e. A, B, C, ... Z,
    English lower case letters, i.e. a, b, c, ... z,
    Westernized Arabic numerals i.e. 0, 1, 2, ... 9,
    Non-alphanumeric (&special characters&) that is either $ (dollar sign) or _ (under score).

  • Minimum password length of 8 characters for new Passwords only.

  • Account Lockout will be activated. Accounts will be locked out after six invalid logon attempts. This setting will require Administrator to re-enable the account.

  • Also passwords may not contain your user name or any part of your full name.

Security Identification

Access to restricted sections of ASX Online is granted by use of a valid Security Identification (username/password) which may be obtained through ASXO upon request.

If ASXO issues a Security Identification to you, YOU MUST:

  • treat it as confidential;
  • not disclose it to any third person;

ASXO reserves the right to amend the Security Identification and other security procedures for access to ASX Online at any time.

In the absence of notice from you that the confidentiality of your Security Identification has been compromised, ASXO will be entitled to construe all activity on ASX Online using that Security Identification as being for and on behalf of you and you agree to pay all Fees so incurred and to take responsibility for all actions of persons using your Security Identification.

PDF tips

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some Product. To view PDF files on any site, you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded for free at the Adobe website.