ASX Managed Fund Settlement Service (mFund)

ASX Managed Fund Settlement Service (mFund)

mFund enables investors of trading participants to apply for and redeem units in participating unlisted managed funds using their existing broking account with the participant and without the need to fill out a paper application or redemption forms.

The service uses the CHESS (electronic settlement system) to automate and track the process of applying for and redeeming units in participating managed funds. A person’s holdings in these funds is recorded electronically and can be linked to the same holder identification number (HIN) in CHESS used to hold shares and other investments transacted through ASX. In that way, investors can receive a consolidated holding statement showing all of the investments they hold through CHESS.

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ASX has established this website as a resource to help participants of the mFund service to find key documents, information and education.

If you have questions or suggestions about how we can improve the content on this site to better help your business integrate with mFund, please contact us.

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