Replacement of ASX Compliance Monitor (ACM)

As you know, ASX is replacing ASX Compliance Monitor, the system participants use to interact with ASX on compliance matters, with a smart form solution via ASX Online. In readiness for the implementation, we are providing further information on next steps.

When is the change?

Participants’ Enterprise Administrators will have access to set up users for Participant Forms in ASX Online from Friday 2 November. Participants must complete the user set up by no later than 23 November to enable the system change over in December. Until the system change over occurs users will not have access to the forms in ASX Online and should continue to use ASX Compliance Monitor for lodgement of notifications.

What you need to do:

Step 1:

Between Friday 2 November and Friday 23 November, Enterprise Administrators will need to go into ASX Online and set up new users or assign additional ASX Online role permissions to the relevant team members who will need access to create and submit compliance notifications to ASX.

The new roles available are:

•             Approver: able to create, view, edit and submit forms to ASX;
•             Editor: able to create, view and edit forms; or
•             Viewer: able to view historical forms only.

Access the user guide for Enterprise Administrators to assist if further guidance is required on creating new users and amending or adding user permissions in ASX Online.

Step 2:

Should you wish to download any historical forms from ACM for your records you will need to do this by no later than Friday 23 November as these will not be available via ASX Online following the system change.

Step 3:

Users should familiarise themselves with the Participant Forms User Guide which provides information on how to use the new Participant Forms facility in ASX Online.

Please note that while the users can be set up in advance, access to the forms will not be available until the system change occurs in December. Static landing pages have been set up in ASX Online in preparation for Go-Live.

Step 4:

Amend any procedures referencing actions you or your team takes to submit compliance notifications to ASX. Note that consequential amendments will be made to the method of giving Notice in each of the Rulebooks to replace references to ASX Compliance Monitor.

Step 5:

ASX will provide a further notification to all users confirming the cut-over weekend once ASX is satisfied participants have completed the relevant user set up requirements. From the cutover date, all notifications will need to be lodged via the new Participants Form facility in ASX Online.

If you have any questions relating to the new smart form solution and planned decommissioning of the current ACM tool, please contact your assigned ASX Compliance Adviser or contact