A new way to login to ASX Online

A new way to login to ASX Online

ASX will soon be releasing changes on ASX Online that will improve the login experience across asx.com.au and ASX Online and will add even more security for customers with a new identity system that is already in place across asx.com.au.

These changes are an important part of ASX introducing a consistent way to login to digital sites and portals and will be rolled out in April to new and existing ASX Online customers.

Existing ASX Online customers will need to re-confirm their ASX Online account and create a new password as part of these changes from Monday 4 April. ASX Online will be unavailable on Saturday 2 April while we release these changes. Enterprise Administrators will continue to follow the same process to create and manage their ASX Online users however these users will complete their on-boarding process using the new workflows that are outlined in the instruction guides below.

ASX is asking that all existing ASX Online customers login and complete the new process by 30 June 2022. Detailed instructions for how to do this are below.

User guide instructions can be found below for how existing and new ASX Online customers:

  1. Instructions for existing ASX Online customers
  2. Instructions for new ASX Online customers
  3. How to change your password
  4. How to reset your password
  5. FAQs

Please note that if a new or existing ASX Online customer also has an asx.com.au Investor Portal account using the same email address, then they can login to ASX Online using their Investor Portal account credentials from Monday 4 April.