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  • SFE market notices

    We will be publishing several historical Austraclear, ASX 24 and SFE notices to ASX Online this afternoon (Friday, 20 Dec 2019). 

    These notices previously sat on asx.com.au and have been moved in preparation of the launch of our new site early in the new year. 

  • Important information regarding access to the ALC

    Recent excavation works in the plot of land next to the Australian Liquidity Centre has identified an issue that requires your attention. For clarity this is not work that is being conducted by ASX and is not on land occupied by ASX.

    The site builders have advised us that soil testing has found traces of asbestos within the fill and will implement its asbestos management controls during excavation. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and can typically be found in rock, sediment or soil. This is not uncommon at building sites.

    While there is no reason for concern, ASX wants to let you know what actions the site builders will take so you are appropriately informed should you plan a visit to the ALC in the near future.

    The introduction of asbestos management controls is a fairly normal procedure which will see the building company:

    -install ‘asbestos removal’ signs to the site boundary

    -site workers will wear protective overalls

    -dust mitigation measures will be in place

    -air monitors will be installed on the boundary and checked daily

    ASX has engaged a specialist consultant to conduct our own monitoring and assessment to ensure ongoing customer and employee safety.

    Should the current assessment change in any way ASX will swiftly update on that information.

    If you would like further information prior to scheduling a site visit please email Facilities.Access@asx.com.au or CTS@asx.com.au.



  • ALC now supports high-density computing

    ASX has opened the first of its newly constructed high-density pods at the ALC.

  • Launch of the new participant forms facility

    ASX is pleased to confirm that the new participant forms facility in ASX Online which participants will use to interact with ASX on compliance matters is now live and available to registered users.

    From Thursday 10 January 2019 participants need to lodge compliance notifications through ASX Online by selecting “Participant Forms” on the dashboard. User guides are available in ASX Online, however, if you have any questions relating to the new participant forms facility, or the decommissioning of the ASX Compliance Monitor tool, please contact your assigned ASX Compliance Adviser or email participants.compliance@asx.com.au.


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