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ASX Online Participation

Each firm with access to ASX Online has a "System Administrator" who is given the authority to provide access to people within their firm who wish to utilise the site's facilities. If you require access, your System Administrator will issue you with a log on name and password and provide you with assistance. If you are unsure who the System Administrator for your firm is, please contact the Help Desk.

ASX Online Help Desk 1800 682 484

or e-mail:, for assistance with any matters relating to ASX Online

ASX Online facilities requiring a log on and password:
  • Access to the business rules (for Participants only)
  • Subscription to ASX publications via email (Circulars, Bulletins, Rules, Procedure Manuals etc.)
  • Corporate Details (your head and business office addresses, phone etc, contact names, phone, email etc)
  • For registered ASX World Link Participants access to S&P Research
ASX Online public facilities:
  • Extensive library of ASX publications (excluding business rules) - Circulars, Bulletins, Derivatives Notices, Notifications to ASX under the business rules, Procedure Manuals, New Participant requirements, Newsletters etc.)
  • Share Registry details (for all listed companies)
  • Products and services (ASX World Link, ETFs etc.)
  • All Participant head and business office contact details

ASX Participation

If you have any questions relating to ASX Participation, please email:

Privacy Statement

Privacy statement on collection of your information


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