Change to ASX 24 Australian Electricity Peak Load NSW Q2 2021 Contract Hours

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Notice reference number: 0812.18.07
Date published: 24/07/18
Effective as of: 24/07/18
Last updated: 24/07/18

The ASX Australian Electricity NSW Peak Load Q2 2021 contract is changing from 915 hours to 930 hours to reflect the exclusion of ANZAC Day in 2021. The public holiday was originally included but state legislation has since confirmed Monday 26 April 2021 will not be gazetted in NSW for ANZAC Day.

There is currently no Open Interest in this contract.

What do I need to do by when?

Please change any contract size references for PNM1 (Peak Load NSW Q2 2021) from 915 to 930 hours.

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Ken Chapman
Head of Strategic Delivery, Capital Markets

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ASX Energy