Renminbi securities issuance in Austraclear- Technically Live Monday 01 August 2016

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Notice reference number: 0884.16.07
Date published: 29/07/16
Effective as of: 01/08/16
Last updated: 29/07/16

Renminbi securities issuance in Austraclear- Technically Live Monday 01 August

The readiness criteria for Renminbi securities issuance in Austraclear have been met and a decision has been made to proceed with the implementation over this weekend, for Go-Live on Monday 1 August 2016.

Austraclear currently supports renminbi (RMB) cash settlement and are on track to support the issuance, settlement and holding in Austraclear of renminbi denominated securities by 1 August 2016.The key changes in this release will enable;

-           Issuance by Australian and off-shore Issuers into Austraclear of RMB denominated securities

-           Issuance by off-shore Issuers into Austraclear for RMB denominated securities

-           Holding of renminbi denominated securities in Austraclear

Please also note there is no change in the current connection to Austraclear for the implementation this weekend. As a result no weekend testing by participants is required.Below are the key dates for Customer readiness for Monday 01 August 2016.

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For web deployment users, the current URL is used to access Production

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