mFund Change of Registry and Change of ASX Code – Equity Trustees Limited (ASX Code: EQY04)

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Notice reference number: 1389.16.11
Date published: 21/11/16
Effective as of: 22/11/16
Last updated: 21/11/16

This Notice is being issued to provide Participants with information on Equity Trustees Limited’s Registry and Code Change.

The purpose of this ASX Notice is to inform ASX Settlement Participants of the change in unit registry and ASX Code for the following fund which Equity Trustees Limited (ASX Issuer code: EQY) is the Responsible Entity.

Change of Unit Registry

The change of unit registry (and the Product Issuer Settlement Participant responsible under the ASX Settlement Operating Rules for facilitating settlement of requests for the application and redemption of mFund products)  from Equity Trustees Limited to FundBPO Pty Ltd is  expected to occur after close of business on Friday, 25 November 2016. 

The following mFund product is impacted:

ASX Code:

Product Description:

Issuer/Responsible Entity:

Fund Manager:


Spectrum Strategic Income Fund

Equity Trustees Limited

Spectrum Asset Management Limited


As a result of the change, Equity Trustees Limited has advised that applications, redemptions or switches (“transactions”) for these mFund products received after 11.15am AEDST on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 will not be accepted for processing. These transactions will ultimately be rejected back to the Settlement Participant concerned.

It is expected that FundBPO Pty Ltd will process transactions as normal from Monday, 28 November 2016.

ASX will advise participants should the change in unit registry be postponed.

Change of ASX Code

The change of ASX Code for Spectrum Strategic Income Fund will be effective on 28 November 2016.  ASX Settlement Participants are advised to systematically cater for this change as a temporary ISIN is allocated to the new ASX Code SPE01 in CHESS.  This action is required as the ISIN of Spectrum Strategic Income Fund did not change.  ASX will change the temporary ISIN in CHESS to reflect the correct ISIN on a date yet to be determined.  Please note this will only impact participants who instruct using ISIN but not ASX Code.

The Change will be effective on a date yet to be determined



Temporary ISIN




What do I need to do by when?

Participants should ensure that staff receiving or processing transactions for the abovementioned mFund products understand the potential for these requests to be rejected during the change in unit registry.  Participants should also note the temporary ISIN being used in CHESS post Code Change.

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Cheng Zhang, Senior Officer, Post Trade Operations

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Cheng Zhang
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