Miscellaneous changes to the ASX rules

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Notice reference number: 0776.18.07
Date published: 12/07/18
Effective as of: 23/07/18
Last updated: 12/07/18

ASX has made a number of miscellaneous amendments to the following rulebooks:

  • ASX Operating Rules;
  • ASX 24 Operating Rules;
  • ASX Clear Operating Rules;
  • ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules (both Futures Rules and OTC Rules); and
  • ASX Settlement Operating Rules.

An explanation of the changes is provided here and the amendments in mark-up is provided here.

In addition Guidance Note 8 (Notification Obligations) in the ASX and ASX 24 Operating Rules will be updated to reflect the notification obligations when terminating a trading permission.

What do I need to do by when?

Whilst there are no substantive changes, Participants should review the amendments for possible changes to referencing in their processes and procedures.

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Fiona Hooymans
General Manager, Participants Compliance

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