Change in annual reporting requirements for non-ADI ASX Clear (Futures) Participants that are also ASX Clear Participants

What's this about:
Notice reference number: 0783.18.07
Date published: 13/07/18
Effective as of: 13/07/18
Last updated: 13/07/18

This notice is to advise of changes to the annual reporting requirements for non-ADI participants of ASX Clear (Futures) (including OTC participants) that are also participants of ASX Clear:

  • Such participants no longer required to submit an Annual Audited NTA Return under ASX Clear (Futures) Rule 8.5(b) and/or OTC Rule 3.3(b)(ii). This change has been reflected in the updated Capital Requirements Guidance available here.

  • Such participants are also no longer required to submit Form 2 of the annual audit certificate set out in ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules Procedure 4.14(a) but are still required to submit Form 1. A marked up version of the amendment is provided here.

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Participants that require further information should refer to section 6 of the Capital Requirements Guidance.

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Colm Grace, General Manager, Clearing Risk Policy and Management

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Ian Chensen
1800 636 850