OTC Handbook Amendments: Client Clearing API extended to OTC Affiliates

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Notice reference number: 0635.18.06
Date published: 13/06/18
Effective as of: 18/06/18
Last updated: 13/06/18

OTC Participants are advised that minor amendments are being made to the OTC Handbook, effective 18 June 2018. These amendments:

  • Extend the existing Client Clearing API for OTC Clients (that enables pre-clearing credit limit checks through the use of either a credit token provided at the time an OTC trade is submitted or request for consent workflows initiated by ASX) to OTC Affiliates where the OTC Participant opts in.

  • Update a reference to the European Union (EU) Directive that defines the qualification criteria for EU Clients to participate in ASX’s OTC Service.

OTC Handbook changes are available for review here.

What do I need to do by when?

OTC Participants should review the OTC Handbook amendments.

An OTC Participant that wishes to extend the Client Clearing API to their OTC Affiliates should provide ASX Clear (Futures) with details of the relevant Credit Token Issuer or Consent Provider.  

No action is required by other OTC Participants.

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Candice Trevenna, Product Manager, CCP Clearing

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Phone: (02) 9227 0595