CHESS Release 10.0 – mFund Settlement Service Enhancements

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Notice reference number: 0269.18.03
Date published: 16/03/18
Effective as of: 16/03/18
Last updated: 16/03/18

Further to ASX Notice 0200.18.03, following feedback received from mFund users during the February Roundtables, ASX has made minor amendments to the CHESS 10 Business Technical Specification

A summary of these modifications is:

  • Logic associated with the use of the Linking Transaction ID has been simplified;
  • The Transfer functionality has been reworked to meet industry requirements;
  • A number of Participant and Dealer Group values on the MT737/MT738 Investor Details message suite have been renamed or removed;
  • A ‘HIN’ field has been added to MT740; and
  • The value ‘n/a’ has been made as allowable value on a number of new fields.

Please note that the Transfer functionality included in CHESS 10  may not have received regulatory clearance by the go-live date. ASX is retaining the functionality in the mandatory technical development with it going operational subject to such regulatory clearance.

For more information about the CHESS 10 Project and to download the revised CHESS 10 Business Technical Specification please go to CHESS 10 Project Website -

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Brendan Laird - Senior Manager – Post Trade Operations

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