CHESS Release 10 – Testing and Vendor Accreditation

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Notice reference number: 0574.18.05
Date published: 30/05/18
Effective as of: 30/05/18
Last updated: 30/05/18

The purpose of this notice is to provide information on the CHESS external test environment and Vendor accreditation process for CHESS Release 10.

External User Environment

The Release Test Environment (RTE) port 4206, will be available for external testing of new and modified messages as a result of CHESS Release 10 from 11 June to 10 August 2018.

Any questions regarding your RTE CHESS Test Kit please email with the subject line: CHESS Release 10 – Vendor Name Test AIC <enter your RTE AIC here>

Accreditation Process

All system vendors that provide CHESS messaging capability for mFund MUST be accredited for all new and modified CHESS messages including mandatory and optional fields as a result of CHESS Release 10.

The attached accreditation template outlines the new and modified messages that vendors are required to test.


We ask that you complete the accreditation template with the following from your testing;

· Test AIC,

· Test UIC,

· Message version number

· Origin transaction ID for successful messages.  Only one example for each as  specified

· Set or Linking transaction ID where applicable

· Date of transaction

· All optional fields for the purpose of accreditation must be populated along with the mandatory fields

Once all the tests have been successfully completed, please send the completed accreditation template to with the subject line: CHESS Release 10 – Vendor Name – Accreditation Template.

All testing must be complete and the attached accreditation template provided to ASX prior to 10 August to allow ASX time to validate all messages and provide accreditation confirmation.

CHESS Release 10

For more information on the CHESS Release 10 including the technical specifications, please refer to the CHESS 10 project website.

External User Testing Guidelines will be available on the CHESS 10 project website. ASX will advise once they are available.

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