Off-market takeover bid by WAM Capital Limited to acquire all the ordinary shares in Wealth Defender Equities Limited (ASX code: WDE)

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Notice reference number: 1034.18.09
Date published: 13/09/18
Effective as of: 13/09/18
Last updated: 13/09/18

This Notice is being issued to provide Participants with further information in relation to the bid and details the acceptance process through CHESS.

What do I need to do by when?

Bid Details:


WAM Capital Limited




Boardroom Pty Limited

Target Issuer:

Wealth Defender Equities Limited

Target ASX Code:


Takeover Code/Consideration

WDE001 – 1 WAM Share for every 2.5 of WDE shares


Offer Terms:

Offer Open Date:

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Offer Close Date:

7:00pm (Sydney time) on Sunday, 14 October 2018 (unless extended or withdrawn)


CHESS will process acceptance messages until 7:00pm (Sydney time) on Sunday, 14 October 2018 or in the event that the bid is extended, such other time as may be notified by bidder to the market.


The WDE bid is conditional and a shareholder may only accept the offer in relation to all of their WDE securities held at the time the acceptance is processed.


For further information regarding the Offer, please contact Chairman Geoff Wilson AO on 0412 242 712 or Chief Executive Officer Kate Thorley on (02) 9247 6755.

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Issued by

Sherly Tatang, Post Trade Operations

Contact information

Sherly Tatang

1800 623 571


General Information

Participants should refer to Section 13 of the CHESS Procedure Guidelines for Participants and Section 14 of the ASX Settlement Operating Rules for further information concerning the processing of Takeover Acceptance Messages for a CHESS Holding of securities.  Some of these issues are summarised below.

A Participant must initiate acceptance of an offer by transmission of an EIS type ‘031’ message (Takeover Acceptance) where the securities in question are held in a CHESS Holding. The Participant will receive a ‘032’ message (Effected Takeover Acceptance) from CHESS in response.

In addition to the electronic notification to the Participant, paper notification will be sent directly to the Holder as securities are reserved in an offer-accepted subposition. Any change to the balance of securities in subposition will generate further electronic advice to the Participant and paper advice to the Holder.

Where a Participant receives instructions from a Sponsored Holder, the Participant is required under the ASX Settlement Operating Rules to initiate acceptance of an offer:

if the Holder specifies the time when or by which the offer must be accepted, in accordance with those instructions; otherwise

by End of Day on the date of receipt of instructions from the Holder. Where the offer closes on the date of receipt of instructions then prior to the close of the offer.

Participants should therefore retain, as a minimum, a record of the date on which instructions to accept an offer are received from a Sponsored Holder.