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Market Activity Products

The market activity group form the core suite of products and delivers information on equities, interest rate securities and derivatives markets, the order book and company announcements.  The premier company announcements service is ASX ComNews® a PDF service presenting announcements with full reproduction of their original colour and graphics.


ASX MarketSource™ is our range of market information feeds sourced from ASX's Trading Systems. For more information on these services and MarketSource licensing, please email ASX Information Services at

Signal B

A market participant only intra-day service providing details of all trades executed by the requesting market participant.

Details including the order reference and market participant cross-reference are included to facilitate back-office settlement reconciliations.

Signal B Manual

Signal B FIX

ASX is replacing the legacy Signal B interface with a FIX interface, conforming to the FIX 5.0 SP2 standard.

The Signal B Integrated Test Environment (ITE) is available for testing. Please contact your Technical Account Manager for details.

The new FIX service is now available in production for validation in parallel with the legacy Signal B service. Please contact and your TAM for order forms for the production service; successful conformance testing is required before logins are enabled. The parallel period will run until close of business Friday 3 February 2023.  Prior to that date, participants will be required to sign and return an attestation form indicating their readiness for the end date of the legacy service. The attestation will include sign-off that a minimum of 10 business days of smooth reconciliation between the legacy and FIX services has been performed.

Signal B FIX Specification Manual

Signal B FIX FAQ

Signal B FIX Connectivity Guide

Signal B FIX Conformance Testing Guide

Signal B FIX Conformance Testing Checklist

Signal B FIX - Participant Attestation Form

Signal B FIX - Vendor Attestation Form