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Reference Products

Covers a range of reference products that provide information on market activities, instruments traded in ASX & corresponding instruments attributes, details on ASX Listed Companies and other information that are critical to transaction management in the market.


ReferencePoint® - contains security details, corporate actions and end of day prices for equities, warrants and options.  ReferencePoint enables you to develop a historical database of securities and issues, plus keep a calendar of forthcoming corporate actions.  Information includes cum/ex dates, book close date, nature of corporate actions etc.

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ReferencePoint Corporate Action Dissemination Guide
ReferencePoint Corporate Action - Accelerated Entitlement Offer FAQs
ReferencePoint Course of Sales Message Specification
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ReferencePoint Master List – Financial Instrument Identifier Manual
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ReferencePoint sample data

E01 - MasterList
E02 - MasterList - increment
E04 - MasterList - ETF
E34 - Corporate Actions
E33 - Official Index Close (9:30am next day)

Daily Schedule

Advance warning of changes to quoted and unquoted securities occurring in the upcoming days. Including company name changes and new listings. 

Daily Schedule Overview

Daily Schedule sample report:

Additional Securities    
Application for Admission to List
Change of Issuer Code
Changes to Securities
Commencement of Official Quotation
Confirmation Following Despatch
End of Quotation of Security
Re-instatement to Official Quotation
Removal From The Official List
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Dilution Factors

Facilitates more accurate time series analysis by providing the ability to normalise historical and contemporary capital structures. Dilution Factors provides the data needed to account for capital reconstructions.

Dilution Factor Product Guide (PDF 917KB)
Dilution Factors - Sample File (CSV 1KB)

Daily Diary

An important reference for keeping yourself aware of the key events to shape the following day's trading. Also provides details on certain significant events to occur in the upcoming days, in addition to updating you on some important financial ratio calculations. 

Daily Diary Product Overview 

Daily Diary sample reports:

Additional Securities
Application for Admission to List  
Change of Issuer Code
Changes of Issuer Details
Change to Securities
Commencement of Official Quotation
Confirmation Following Despatch
End Of Quotation Of Security
Re-instatement To Official Quotation
Removal From The Official List
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Weekly Summary

ASX's flagship product reference and activity report. The Weekly Summary provides a wealth of information including:

A. Locations of Share Registries

Easy to use directory of Share Registry details to all ASX listed companies. It also provides details of all ASX Member Organisations and all State Revenue Authorities. This file is available on a quarterly basis.

B. Weekly Summary

This product is available on a weekly basis and consists of the following sub files:

  • Corporate Activity
  • Board and Management changes
  • Current Takeover Offers
  • Company Reconstructions, Company Name Changes, ASX Code Changes, Share Buy-Back and Share Purchase Plans
  • Share Registry Changes
  • Upcoming Floats
  • Company Announcement Period Report Headings
  • Security Corporate Actions
  • Dividends Declared
  • Calls Payable
  • New Issues (Bonus, Rights, Entitlements)
  • Convertible Note Payments
  • Interest Rate Security payments
  • Select S&P/ASX Index and GICs groupings Price/earnings and Dividend Yield Series 

Weekly Summary Overview
Weekly Summary sample report